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TAA vs Berry

TAA Compliance

TAA refers to the, which is intended to foster fair and open international trade. TAA requires that the U.S. Government may acquire only “U.S. – made or designated country end products. This act requires that contractors must certify that each end product meets the applicable requirements. End products are ‘those articles, materials and supplies to be acquired for public use’.” This includes items which have been “substantially transformed” in the United States.


CDS follows these TAA compliant procedures in order to offer the best quality product at the lowest retail price.


Berry Compliance

The Berry Amendment is a statutory requirement that restricts the Department of Defense (DoD) from using funds appropriated or otherwise available to DoD for procurement of food, clothing, fabrics, fibers, yarns, other made-up textiles, and hand or measuring tools that are not grown, reprocessed, reused, or produced in the United States. The Berry Amendment has been critical to maintaining the safety and security of our armed forces, by requiring covered items to be produced in the United States. With respect to textiles and clothing, the Berry Amendment has been critical to the viability of the textile and clothing production base in the United States.


Congress originally passed domestic source restrictions as part of the 1941 Fifth Supplemental DoD Appropriations Act in order to protect the domestic industry base in the time of war. The Berry Amendment was included in subsequent defense appropriations acts until it was made permanent in Fiscal Year 1994 by Sec. 8005 of Public Law 103-139. The Berry Amendment was subsequently codified in 2002 as 10 U.S.C. 2533a in Section 832 of Public Law 107-107.



CDS provides the information above for the sole purpose of explaining the difference between TAA and Berry Compliance. We offer a variety of products and market those products according to the regulations set forth by either the TAA or Berry Compliance requirements as given by the US Government. CDS does not assume responsibility or liability for the above definitions. If you need further information regarding government regulations of products and goods and how to market or sell them, please contact the respective government agency.

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